Will ChatGPT Become a Google Search Killer?

Recently, we have witnessed a completely new approach in the field of scientific technology – a new chatbot with artificial intelligence, that actually works pretty well and made a lot of buzz online. Could this could lead to an imbalance and a focus shift in the marketing industry?

Will Google’s idle in search innovations give a path to develop bots like ChatGPT as Google responses are limited to links to intended responses. It’s more complicated to immediately assess the value of deliveries, they may simply be raw and require a deeper search and analysis of information. While ChatGPT stays on point and gives you what you need right away. Isn’t this a miracle? Let’s figure it out.

About OpenAI & ChatGPT in a nutshell

The OpenAI research organization is engaged in the study of artificial intelligence and its application in various fields. Their main goal is to create safe and useful artificial intelligence that can benefit and make people’s lives easier.

ChatGPT, a model trained by OpenAI, communicates in a conversational manner. ChatGPT can answer follow-up inquiries, confess mistakes, faulty dispute premises, and reject unsuitable requests thanks to the dialogue style. ChatGPT is a sister model of InstructGPT, taught to obey prompt instructions and respond in depth.

How was the chatbot created?

OpenAI trained this model with Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) using the same methods as InstructGPT but with slight differences in data collection setup.

To do this, AI trainers conducted conversations in which they played both sides – the user and the AI assistant. The development team then offset the new dialogue set with the InstructGPT dataset, which it converted to the dialogue format.

It is important to note that in order to create a reward model for reinforcement learning, you need to collect comparative data and this means collecting several response models and ranking them by quality.

By repeating this process iteratively, the model can be fine-tuned using Proximal Policy Optimization.

So what do we get if we ask a simple question? Seems like we always get a simple and effective answer.

While the ChatGPT chatbot has not yet been fully tested, there are bugs in it and the model will be improved. We have noticed how quickly this tool has become mainstream and we guarantee that the popularity of similar technologies will probably only grow.

But what it means for search engines’ monetizing models, will we see a shift in balance? It feels like OpenAI developers are not ready for such a huge move, but someone will definitely do it anytime soon.

This alternative to Google search can turn the world upside down. Mobbups does not miss the opportunity and joins the analysis of upcoming trends in the field of artificial intelligence.

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