Real-time bidding platform that improves the efficiency of media trading and optimizes media fees with direct access to 100+ major SSP and DSP worldwide.

Reasons to use

Reasons to use
Automatic budget savings through real-time whitelisting and blacklisting
Campaign management with targeting, limits, budgets and KPI achievement settings
Optimization of rates to increase economic efficiency and optimize supply chains
Machine learning analysis to distribute media across demand levels for maximum fill rate
Getting access to large-scale targeted media according to your campaign brief
Targeting the most relevant ads for any media category to increase user engagement

Brand protection

Brand protection
Ad verification technology in Prebid mode
Specific set up ability to support each publishers´ restrictions
Brand safety tool to prevent malware, redirects, non-quality content and broken ads

Core features:

Core features:
This all-in-one algorithmic advertising solution maximizes the value of impressions and revenue, while also providing an unlimited media monetization solution, global reach and high fill rates of up to 100%. Bids are based on CPC/CPM with the main goal to maximize demand/supply sides profits.
Mobupps integration options XML/oRB/Tags/Vast/Header bidding/Prebid/API. Monetizing video, display, push and pop ad formats.

Media inventories

Media inventories
High scale targeted media access for your campaigns
Dedicated media plan with fixed CPM price and narrow targeting
Choose media channel or publishers list from our media portfolio

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