Why Is SAI an Effective Way to Interact With Listeners?

While traditional radio caters to stationary listeners at home or on the go, streaming audio follows mobile audiences wherever they go. Which brings up the question for every advertiser or business owner: what options are available when buying podcast advertising?

The fact that people spend their time listening to a podcast attentively leads us to think about introducing advertising into audio recordings. Advertising on platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud reaches users across all their connected devices—phones, desktops, smart speakers—providing multiple opportunities to engage with listeners.

As you know, Mobupps releases episodes of their podcast quite frequently. Therefore, just like you, we are interested in understanding this issue and determining the most profitable option for our readers. 

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Embracing Podcast Advertising

With impressive engagement and brand retention, podcasts emerge as an exciting digital advertising avenue. These extended audio broadcasts, primarily consumed by millennials, have witnessed consistent growth in listenership. Podcast ads, often delivered by hosts themselves, captivate audiences, with statistics indicating that 62% of podcast listeners are notably more inclined to consider purchasing from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast.

Podcast Ads Types

Embedded Host-Read Ads

There is the significance of providing hosts with compelling talking points, including a distinctive selling proposition and a compelling call to action. This ad format enables hosts to infuse their personalities and anecdotes, creating an engaging narrative seamlessly blended within the episode.

Dynamically Inserted Ads

Dynamically inserted ads offer an expansive reach across the podcast catalog. While similar in nature to embedded ads, these are dynamically placed by computers across both current and archived episodes. The advantage lies in broad audience coverage, ensuring multiple messages reach the same listener, and fostering enhanced engagement.

Streaming Ads

The emergence of streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, and SiriusXM introduces prerecorded ads. These services aim to integrate ads within their streaming content, presenting another avenue for reaching podcast listeners. Your message is seamlessly inserted programmatically before or during music, news, and podcasts. Depending on the platform, audio ads can be accompanied by visual ads or videos, amplifying their impact with effective calls to action.

Naturally, Mobupps is interested in streaming advertising because of the ability to run marketing campaigns, so we want to take a closer look at its type benefits.

Streaming Audio Advertising Advantages

Digital audio consumption has reached unprecedented levels, making streaming platforms an enticing realm for advertising. If you appreciate the expansive reach of traditional radio coupled with the precision of digital marketing, streaming audio offers a myriad of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Utilizing demographics such as age, gender, location, activity, and musical preferences, platforms like Spotify enable fine-tuning campaigns to offer personalized advertising experiences based on real-time insights into audience behavior.
  • Streaming audio is engaging, with most ads on platforms like Spotify or Pandora being non-skippable, guaranteeing listenership. These platforms have learned that limiting the number of ads played in a row heightens engagement—an advantageous outcome for advertisers.
  • For campaigns requiring flexibility in ad placement or targeting across various episodes or contexts, streaming ads offer dynamic insertion options, allowing for varied placement.

Is Streaming Audio Advertising Suitable for Your Business?

It is a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers across industries. So, consider integrating digital audio into your marketing mix if:

  • You need to target audiences where visual ads fall short.
  • Engaging users between the ages of 18 and 54 is crucial for your marketing objectives.
  • You seek a blend of reach, frequency, engagement, targeting, and measurability in a mobile-friendly package.

Last, but not least. Last but not least. Podcast advertising offers a range of options, each tailored to unique campaign goals and audience segments. To get started, you need to align your advertising strategy with specific goals and target audiences. Approach this issue individually, identify podcast advertising partners, and then choose the most suitable type of advertising.

For niche audiences, embedded and dynamically inserted ads are suitable for providing a personalized experience. Conversely, for campaigns with mass reach or broad consumer products, streaming advertising may be more attractive.

Mobupps assures that once you activate your campaign, observe the metrics, and analyze the performance, there is no chance to back down. But if you want to delegate this work to professionals, contact us. We'll give you a resonant impact on the podcast industry.