Stop Underestimating Humor in B2B Marketing

Mobupps loves to joke and laugh. The company is first people, and people are sensual, emotional, and alive after all. But the line is thin enough. Сompanies should think carefully about their target audience before including humor in their plans. After all, jokes that are announced on behalf of the company can harm your reputation, ruin relationships with partners, and also worsen the financial affairs of the company.

The main idea is that in B2B you can interact with your audience on a more human level through humor, increasing engagement and brand loyalty.

We have some data that will help us answer the major question of this article: To joke or not to joke?

  1. In a 2013 research paper by researchers at the International Islamic University of Malaysia on the effects of humor on mood and memory, it was found that for both people in a neutral mood and people in a bad mood, humor can improve memory. And other studies have also shown that this increase in recall applies to both verbal and visual content.
  2. According to a 2014 study by David Cheng and Lu Wang of the University of New South Wales, exposure to humor can also stimulate consistent behavior among people. This suggests that being entertained can keep customers coming back to your content.
  3. According to a 2018 Clutch survey, 53% of the 1,030 customers surveyed were more likely to remember and enjoy an ad if it was funny. This also works with content. Through fun things, you can stand out and be remembered by your B2B customers.
Pic. 1 – Clutch Statistics

Why joke in B2B marketing?

With content that makes someone laugh, there is an instant connection between your brand and customers. Mobupps is confident such a connection can bring great benefits to you and your brand. Let’s now explain how this works in practice.

Pic. 2 – Examples of using humor in B2B
  1. Humor increases reach.

The NY Times Customer Insight Group conducted a study that found several reasons why people share content on social media and other platforms. One of the main reasons is to post useful and entertaining content to followers. If you strike a balance between humor and value for the audience, then your content will not go unnoticed and be remembered. Content that is both valuable and fun at the same time is more likely to be shared and therefore consumed by even more potential customers.

Pic.3 – Example of using humor in B2B
  1. Humor encourages participation.

Funny content wants to be commented on, liked, and forwarded. Engagement with content is important for statistics, it increases engagement. To move your audience to action, you must first grab their attention and then evoke an emotional response strong enough to make the audience feel the need to do something. Humor is one way to evoke an emotional response that spurs your audience into action.

Pic.4 – Example of using humor in B2B
  1. Humor turns viewers into fans.

If the audience laughs at your content, congratulations, the audience feels attached to your brand. The follower thinks that you are on the same wavelength with him and understand him. This understanding can transform a subscriber from a casual reader into a full-fledged fan.

Pic.5 – Example of using humor in B2B

How to be funny and serious at the same time?

  1. Humor is part of a marketing strategy that needs to be planned diligently. 

Where are you planning to joke? You need to understand that humor in TikTok and humor in a presentation for partners will be perceived by the audience in different ways.

Who will laugh? Think about the fact that if your audience knows you relatively recently, then a large number of jokes can cause an ambiguous impression. To begin with, you gain trust and favor and introduce the brand and product. Remember that your relationship with your audience will determine which humor to use and at what stage.

For what purposes do you want to use humor? Humor can have different purposes. For example, humor to attract attention or to remember some information about the brand, or perhaps to relax and just make the follower laugh.

At what point would you like to use humor? Perhaps this is some kind of weekly Friday post or a newsletter that new subscribers/clients receive. At this stage, Mobupps advises you to answer yourself these questions (where? to whom? when? and why?) to create a specific joke strategy.

  1. Humor fits perfectly with the informal approach

A strict and formal approach has long been outdated. Using an informal tone in B2B marketing campaigns increases the effectiveness of the campaign itself. The informal approach allows you to create campaigns that are highly conversational in structure and instantly connect with your audience. This approach is a great platform for applying humor. By the way, the most successful brands use extremely brash and personal messages in their marketing campaigns while maintaining their brand image and positioning.

  1. Animations and funny videos about serious things.

Visual content is capable of evoking more emotion than any other form of presentation. Your product can be useful and interesting, but the presentation is repulsive because there are no pictures, videos, and animations that attract the eye. It is best to create some kind of funny character that will interact with your product. Humor in motion is a great way to engage your audience and keep them addicted to your content.

  1. Jokes should support the brand.

Your main goal is not to make you laugh and keep attention, but to sell your product or service. Never let a joke take the focus off the product. Instead, let jokes support your product. Wordplay, puns, anagrams – work for your product. Compose slogans about your brand that will be spinning on the tip of the tongue of the audience for a long time.

  1. Experiment with humor

Don’t be afraid to surprise your audience. It’s scary to start joking, but let your creativity run wild and find out how you can evoke humor uniquely and surprisingly. Your audience doesn’t always have to have an idea of what to expect from you. People usually appreciate messages that resolve their hurt feelings and make them giggle.

Mobupps is determined to bring humor to B2B marketing! Humor is a great tool to create a connection between your brand and your customers. Among over-the-top competitors in your industry, humor can be a key element in making your brand stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

By the way, Mobupps can also attract new users and increase your income. Contact us to work efficiently and joke together.