Q1 Pixalate Market Share and iRTB SSP New Publishers

We are excited about achieving outstanding success in Pixalate’s Mobile Share for SSP's latest report, securing top positions across various regions and categories. 

A significant point from the report is Mobupps’ impressive performance in the Connected TV and Mobile SSP categories in North America. Our strategic focus and advanced technology have positioned us as a leader as this market expands rapidly. Our top-ranking positions underscore our dedication to innovation and quality, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service and outcomes.

Check out the data below and see for yourself!

Connected TV - Roku - North America

Top 25 - Health & Fitness, Music & Audio, News, Religious

Top 30 -  All categories, Games, Food, Education, Travel

Top 35 - Sports, Premium Services, New, Movies&TV

Connected TV - FireTV - North America

Top 35 - Apps

Connected TV - Samsung - North America

Top 35 - All categories, Videos, Sports

Top 50 - Google Play - North America - All categories

Global Success Across Multiple Categories Worldwide

Mobupps’ achievements extend beyond North America. We have also secured leading positions in many other regions and categories, demonstrating our global reach and versatility. Our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, helping them achieve their advertising objectives with precision and efficiency.

Top 15 - Google Play - APAC - All categories

Top 15 - App Store - EMEA - All categories

Top 30 - App Store - LATAM - All categories

We invite you to explore the full Pixalate CTV and Mobile SSP report for a detailed look at our accomplishments. But the news doesn't end there. We are excited to highlight our top publishers of this month who have excelled in their performance and engagement. Check out the Top Mobupps Publishers recently connecting to Mobupps SSP.

These publishers have shown exceptional performance and engagement, contributing significantly to our work. We are proud to partner with such outstanding applications and games, and we look forward to their continued success.

Collaborate with Us

Mobupps team continues to set new industry standards and provides its clients with unparalleled advertising experiences. We are always eager to forge new partnerships and drive success together. 

Contact us today for an effective collaboration and discover how Mobupps can elevate your advertising strategy.