Mobupps Podcast with Jason Zotara

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Get ready for an enlightening podcast episode! Mobupps was joined by Jason Zotara, a marketing maestro with two decades of industry experience. Jason is changing the way businesses connect with their target audiences and achieve unprecedented growth through Ten26 Media’s trademarked catchphrase, “Advertise with Purpose”.

In this episode, we cover four pivotal themes:

🔹The Evolution of Digital Marketing: Jason’s perspective on the transformative journey of digital marketing and advertising.

🔹Connecting Businesses and Audiences: Unveiling strategies for meaningful audience engagement.

🔹Navigating Industry Challenges: Insights into overcoming obstacles in the digital marketing world.

🔹Future Trends and Career Advice: Jason’s forecast for the future of advertising and sage advice for aspiring marketers.

Dive in for an enriching session filled with expertise and forward-thinking ideas.

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Follow this insightful journey with Mobupps. Let's keep exchanging experiences and sharing tips!