Mobupps I/XML Brings More to the Table

Remember when putting a good-looking banner and a link covered all your advertising needs? Well, not anymore obviously. Banner blindness is aging faster than a bottle of milk. This means we need new ways to display our shiny ads to attract attention better and with good targeting, show exactly what people are looking for.

This is why we are presenting a new feature to our i/RTB platform.

Behold, i/XML is already here!

In-page advertising is one of the most popular forms of promotional marketing. The popularity of push traffic has grown with renewed force in 2022.

Push ads on the page are similar to regular push notifications but are presented in the form of banners that display directly on the publishers’ websites and operate on a CPC model. These banner ads are available to all users on all devices.

Due to the fact that push ads on the page look like push notifications, marketers have the ability to create user-friendly and unobtrusive ads. Advertising texts and creatives should be eye-catching, despite the fact that the field for an informative message is limited in size. Images should be simple or icon-like so that users can immediately understand what the notification is telling them.

Benefits of In-Page Push Campaigns

  • Users don’t need to sign up to receive push ads on the page, which is the biggest benefit for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Embedded push ads are displayed to a much wider audience, which allows you to capture the attention of users and reach new audiences.
  • Advertisers promote their offerings with push ads, publishers monetize their sites with ad placements, and users get relevant ads.
  • In-page push ads work only on the CPC payment model, which is the most profitable ad placement for advertisers. Thus, the advertiser can experiment with advertising banners and replace unsuccessful designs with more clickable ones.

We already seeing a boost in performance in these types of campaigns, more attention brings a new rise of installs and leads as the result. We’ll be glad to make your campaigns even more effective now and got new tech to do it right. It’s time to contact the Mobupps team for detailed information and make your marketing budget great again!