Is Livestream the New Mainstream?

Recently, companies’ marketing strategies have included posting static images and tiresome text descriptions to reach potential customers. Then came video content, which gained immense popularity and began to replace boring static content.

Have you heard that about four out of five people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog? Therefore, video content has become an essential aspect of many companies’ digital marketing strategies. One of the most accessible, effective, and efficient marketing tools is live streaming. It is also becoming one of the most popular as more and more companies add live videos to their strategies. Live streaming allows brands to create compelling content for a broad audience – all in real-time.

The best free social streaming platforms in 2022

Pic. 1 – Top 8 platforms

A live streaming platform is a website, application, or software that allows you to stream live video. There are in fact many different forms of content that are streamed on live streaming platforms. Some of these content types include live Q&As, product demonstrations, education, online concerts, entertainment (like gaming), and much more.

Many businesses use live streaming platforms to share content for marketing purposes, generate leads, and build brand awareness. A good live streaming service should provide video hosting and content management tools. It should also provide basic embedding tools, analytics, and monetization.

All of the platforms on our list also have a social component or are part of a social media platform. This allows other users to follow you or subscribe to your channel so they can be notified when you are live.

Looking for the best live streaming platform to promote your brand and connect with your audience? Mobupps is ready to bring you the list of the best live streaming platforms in 2022.

  1. YouTube Live – The largest content platform overall
  2. Facebook Live – The best social media integration platform
  3. LinkedIn Live – The best platform for professionals
  4. Twitter – The easiest platform to use
  5. Twitch – The best gaming platform
  6. TikTok Live – The easiest platform to monetize
  7. Instagram Live – The easiest fundraising platform
  8. Clubhouse – The best audio streaming tool

How to monetize live broadcasts?

Let’s talk about monetization at Twitch. Want to know why Mobupps chose this particular platform? Now we will tell you a couple of facts about Twitch and you will immediately understand everything.

  • Twitch currently has 140 million unique visitors every month. This is up from 55 million users in 2015.
  • There are 107,800 live streams on Twitch at any given time.
  • 73% of Twitch users are under 35.
  • Twitch has an annual revenue of $1.54 billion.
  • Twitch is one of the top live streaming apps with a 73% market share in terms of daily active users.
Pic. 2 – Market share of leading live-streaming apps worldwide by DAU

Time to move towards monetization. Twitch monetization is split into 2 different programs:

  • Affiliate Program: for beginner streamers to earn while growing an audience.
  • Partner Program: for advanced streamers to grow their channels.
Pic. 3 –  Types of Twitch programs (Source: Streamsentials)

The Twitch Affiliate Program is an entry-level monetization option. Its goal is to give streamers who are just starting out but looking to grow their Twitch channels the opportunity to start earning some early income from their live streams. To become a member of the Affiliate Program, you must meet the minimum criteria: 

  • At least 50 subscribers.
  • Broadcast only 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcast on at least 7 different days.
  • Average 3 or more concurrent viewers per stream.
Pic. 4 – The Twitch Affiliate Program (Source:

Becoming an affiliate allows you to start making money on Twitch. Here are some sources of income.

  1. Twitch Subscriptions: You will earn 50% of the income from your channel subscribers based on the tier they choose.
  2. Twitch Bits: The payout is $1 for every 100 bits your channel receives.
  3. Video Game Sales: You can earn 5% of revenue from games (or in-game add-ons) purchased on your Twitch channel.
  4. Donations: You receive 100% of any donation made by a Twitch user.
  5. Ad Revenue: Paid out in $100 installments each time you reach a threshold that changes from month to month.

These options are available to every beginner. This is a great way to test the market while honing your skills.

The Twitch Partner Program is for affiliates who have a loyal following and are ready to take their channels to the next level. It comes with additional benefits to help your channel grow. To become a member of the Partner Program, you must achieve the following within a 30-day period:

  • Stream 25 hours.
  • Broadcast 12 different days.
  • An average of 75 concurrent viewers.
Pic. 5 – The Twitch Partner Program (Source:

The difference between The Affiliate program and The Partner program lies in the tools you are given to grow your Twitch channel. Switching to the Twitch Partner Program opens up a number of benefits. You will get access to:

  • custom chat icons, emotes, emoticons, bit icons, and “cheermotes”
  • verified user icon
  • exclusive chats
  • advanced video-on-demand storage
  • priority support and free lifetime channel support for your chatbot
  • special advertising opportunities
  • broadcast delay to ensure fairness during competitive gameplay
  • up to 3 additional free lifetime channel subscriptions

These tools will help you create a livelier atmosphere during your live broadcast and make it easier to manage your channel.

The Ninja Phenomenon

Twitch has over 11 million unique streaming channels. But not all channels are the same. While the reality for many streamers is struggling to hit milestones like 100 subscribers, the biggest channels can get millions of subscribers.

Pic. 6 –  Most Popular Twitch Channels (Source: Twitchmetrics)

Ninja now has over 18 million subscribers. This is no longer just a streamer, but a worldwide celebrity. Just think 18 million young and ambitious people watch Ninja streams and for them, advertising from an influencer is of great importance. 

It’s time to figure out how to make your channel popular if you have a b2b company.

Can Twitch be considered a B2B streaming platform?

It’s a fact that shoppers are getting younger and doing more research online. As we said before, 73% of millennials make B2B buying decisions, and they also make up over a quarter of Twitch’s audience.

Now it is important to creatively use digital channels to promote your brand, you need to hook the target audience. Mobupps has seen more brands experiment with live platforms like Twitch as part of a broader set of marketing communications. As long as the competition is relatively low, as is the barrier to entry, you need to take it and do it. Don’t know how?

Here are some tips:

  • Twitch is not the place for serious topics or heavy emotional content. Remember that Twitch viewers need to be entertained, so make sure your communications are lively and casual.
  • Your future customers are interested in who they will interact with if they start working with you.  Let them get acquainted with the employees of your company, it is better to start with the CEO or the director of some department.
  • During the live broadcast, mention your other social media or blog, where your audience can learn more about your brand. 
  • Try running an ad campaign on Twitch.  Brands can run two types of ads on Twitch: banners and video ads to increase brand awareness. Video ads on Twitch can only be shown on certain Twitch channels, and the streamer must be a Twitch partner in order for them to advertise on their channel.  Ads can be shown before the broadcast, in the middle of the broadcast, or at the end of the stream.
  • Creating your own branded Twitch channel is another great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. Branded channels create a sense of community and FOMO.

Marketing & Twitch

Of course, it is up to you to decide whether you want to be at this “party” or not. Mobupps believes that Twitch is now more popular than ever, and while many of the young generation are using the platform, action needs to be taken.

Fast-growing live streaming platforms like Twitch are among the trend-setting social media platforms and are attracting a growing audience. Thus, they offer companies a huge potential for targeted and effective marketing activities.

With a growing variety of topics and an active community, Twitch is creating the perfect creative platform for businesses to market themselves and sell their products. Twitch creates entirely new opportunities for marketers to directly reach target groups that are difficult to reach through traditional marketing channels.

Mobupps actively follows the news and trends in streaming marketing, and if you want to be one step ahead of the competition, head over to our blog. We promise it will be interesting.