Discover More About Push Notifications

It has never been a secret that the number of subscribers increases market brand awareness and revenue.

When thinking about digital marketing, channels like email, social media, affiliate, and SMS marketing come to mind. By focusing only on these channels, you may lose sight of other efficient digital marketing strategies like push notifications. It's a new way to engage new audiences, increase retention, and improve interactions with potential customers.

How to subscribe to push notifications from a user? When should he be offered to become a brand follower? So how do you do it all? Mobupps has delved into this topic and is ready to share the five best push notifications strategies for brand marketing.

Very Little Information About Push Notifications

Push notification technology was first introduced in June 2009 by Apple Inc. Push notifications allowed third-party app developers to send messages to users of their apps even if those apps weren't running. The benefits were significant - developers could convey important information at any time, adding value to applications for their end users.

They can be personalized and include media buttons and action buttons. Such notifications are used to transfer information and updates, encourage users to interact with the app, send reminders, be used as a step in a user's path, and more. They apply to mobile, laptop, and desktop devices on Windows and macOS.

Push notifications play a considerable role in keeping consumers in such a competitive and high-stakes industry. However, they can be precarious if used thoughtlessly. Indeed, receiving too many push notifications can force users to completely uninstall the program, meaning that push notifications can lead to a churn of mobile app users. But by applying the strategies below, you will never run into this problem.

How to Manage Push Notifications?

1. Sending welcome push notifications

Welcome push notifications are a must-have and a great tool to increase customer loyalty. The first push notification is the most important as it encourages customers to make their first purchase. Successful activation can increase the number of users and make them loyal customers, since welcome push notifications, in addition to, encouraging users to subscribe, are a great source of income when you add a discount.

2. Use push notifications to inform about essential messages

A blog or news website can set a push notification after a visitor reads an article or post, prompting the user to stay aware of new posts and updates. This can be in the form of reminders, alerts, updates, FYI messages, etc. to keep customers updated with main news and updates. The user will most likely agree to receive push notifications about new news or posts after browsing your content for a while.

3. Back-in-stock offers for maximum conversion

Sending notifications to customers as soon as products are back in stock provides an opportunity to re-engage your users and show them you care. By requesting permission to send notifications, when a particular product or similar products are back in stock, you create a compelling reason for users to return to you.

4. Push reminders for forgotten tasks or pending purchases

According to the Baymard Institute, 69.82% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Deserted basket push notifications can recover about 30% of all these baskets and are very efficient in getting customers back to check out and complete a purchase. This push notification type immediately boosts sales, improves ROI, and leads to instant sales.

5. Push notifications with gifts, discounts, and special offers

If there is a message about a contest or an opportunity for users to take advantage of special offers, such as discounts on purchases or other gifts with an order, the chances of getting loyal customers are much big.

Push notification marketing is still evolving and can bring significant value to your brand. This tool can become a bridge between the brand and the consumers, and for a long time, maintain the involvement and loyalty of users.

But at the same time, it should be used sparingly. Take advantage of the best strategies to maximize brand potential and achieve desired results. Get our newsletter in one click to stay up to date with Mobupps.