YouTube Handles Are Finally Rolling Out Now!

People who are not into Youtube too much will ask – “What? They didn’t have handles?”. The answer is yes and no. You see, back in the day (and still for the most), just to get a channel URL you could actually read without AI – you had to have a certain amount of the following base, otherwise, you weren’t worthy enough to have a word in your URL, instead of a letter combination. Now things are changing, because it seems like youtube wants better communication and channel tagging. Yes, youtube wants to be more social than ever, which is a good thing. Accounts are now affiliated with channels with the same id type. And it makes so much more sense.

What does it mean?

YouTube handle is a unique identifier that helps people more easily discover and connect with each other. Unlike a channel name, handles are rare and make it easy to confirm you’re engaging with the right person. 

Descriptors will appear on channel pages and shorts, so they will be instantly recognizable. It will make it easier for users to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions, and more. For example, creators might be tagged in the comments or the title of a recent collaboration. This is created to increase brand awareness or attract a new audience.

Handlers are attached to channel names as another way to identify a YouTube channel, so creators can further assert their presence and brand on YouTube.

Who will have the handle?

In fact, absolutely all YouTube channels will have a handle! Even if you are not a brand or company, but you have a YouTube account, you will have a handle. You will receive a notification in YouTube Studio and via email when it’s your time to choose yours.

When will this update be?

Over the next few weeks, the YouTube team will gradually open access to all YouTube channels so that they can choose a unique @handle. The time a creator has access to the descriptor selection process depends on a number of factors, including overall YouTube presence, subscriber count, and channel activity. If you don’t select it by November 14th, YouTube will automatically assign tags based on your channel name.

Mobupps is confident that descriptors will greatly simplify communication within YouTube. This update will be able to activate the contact of brands and companies with their fans, as well as increase recognition and loyalty. Most social networks such as Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook have been using the handle for a long time.

And we are looking forward to when we can add the handle to our YouTube channel.