Unravel CTV With Mobupps’ Unique Capabilities

Once again, television has proven to be a game-changer for marketers. In recent years, connected TV (CTV) has seen an increase in viewership worldwide thanks to its instant access and convenience. This increase attracts attention from advertisers looking to reach a growing customer base.

The appeal for advertisers is obvious. CTV blends traditional TV and Internet features, turning your TV into a new performance channel.  Advertisers now benefit from increased visibility, measurability, lower costs, and improved targeting compared to terrestrial television. As mobile saturation increases, CTV is emerging as a promising new channel. 

The development and accessibility of CTV will further increase this appeal, with US ad spending expected to increase by almost 20% annually. Mobile continues to dominate, but CTV is closing the gap, according to eMarketer.  Both are way ahead of the curve and are set to capture more than three-quarters of US digital time spent.

Is CTV essential for marketers, and how does it influence a brand?

Definitely, yes. Display or video advertising is delivered via a streaming service during a viewer’s movie, TV show, or other video content on his Connected TV device. The ads can be delivered via the devices’ Home screen or apps. For example, viewers may display banner advertising while watching YouTube or streaming Twitch content on a Connected TV.

The first benefit is that television advertising is for more than just brands with big budgets and deep pockets. CTV provides brands with a measurable programmatic advertising approach that includes mobile brand development. While traditional TV ad space was once prohibitively expensive, programmatic buying now offers budget-friendly options starting at $1,000. 

The second benefit lies in combining the two largest channels which are particularly attractive. CTV-to-mobile attribution is becoming increasingly popular to achieve this, allowing app downloads to be linked directly to commercials aired on CTV. This opens up new opportunities for mobile marketers as CTV turns mobile app install growth into a measurable digital channel. This is a long-awaited addition to the saturated and competitive mobile channel.

Why does it matter to Mobupps?

  • People spend more time in front of CTVs and will continue to spend even more time. The market will grow to 42.44 billion USD by 2027.
  • 98% of businesses believe that CTV advertising will be bigger than mobile advertising. Half of viewers in North America downloaded mobile apps after watching a CTV ad. 
  • 86% of consumers are willing to see ads on CTV, especially if they are relevant to them.
  • More precise data like behaviors, interests, and demographics are unavailable on traditional/linear TV advertising. 

So, Mobupps turned CTV into a growth channel to:

  • Advertise your brand on CTV prime-time.
  • Define your audience and where you can reach it with premium supply.
  • Interact with customers through synced devices.
  • Measure and optimize your ROI to what works for your brand.

We know how to do it and our successful case studies speak for themselves.

Recognizing the growing reach and engagement of TV streaming platforms, our client came to Mobupps to execute a data-driven ad campaign that attracted new users, and facilitated active cryptocurrency trading, solidifying its position as a premier global cryptocurrency exchange.

Primary goals: 

  • Acquire new users for the crypto trading app. 
  • Find new CTV ad sources to advertise a product primarily suited for crypto trading applications with the minimum possible cost for 3 months. 
  • Maintain steady growth with an even conversion rate from install to Signup exchange.

We will describe in the example how this client increases its registration rate above 66%+ with Mobupps’ CTV Ads.

Why do Mobupps clients choose CTV?

  1. Faced with achieving an aggressive CPA goal in a volatile cryptocurrency market, the leading crypto exchange explored new ways to promote its trading platform.
  2. Nowadays, Attribution tools like AppsFlyer & Adjust can provide marketers with efficient cross-device attribution. Mobupps leverages such technology to run efficient performance-based campaigns for various advertisers. 
  3. Inspired by Mobupps‘ successful campaign with the same direction company, this crypto exchange decided to try Mobupps’ CTV advertising channel.
  4. Mobupps‘ proprietary technologies played a critical role in helping our client achieve its CPA and ROI goals. It was the main factor in their decision to partner with Mobupps CTV ads.

CTV Advantages Analysis

  1. Improved Targeting and Personalization. CTV ads generate 45%+ higher ROI vs. Mobile ads.
  2. Cross-Device Reach. CTV ads provide a seamless user experience by building the bridge to reach users across multiple devices and lead to better in-app engagement.
  3. Premium Content and Brand Safety. CTV ads feature premium, brand-safe content.
  4. Measurement and Analytics. CTV platforms offer robust measurement and analytics tools with MMP platforms' usage.
  5. Reduction in more than 99% of digital ad fraud.
  6. Engagement and Viewability increased 5 times. CTV ads provide higher user engagement and attention capture. 


The team used an automated technology to effectively target relevant audiences for a leading client. This extensive data empowers us to tailor targeting strategies, ensuring efficient budget allocation and optimal reach. By leveraging data to optimize performance and automate budget planning, we helped our client achieve its CPA goal.

We successfully applied the right method to make it profitable for CTV advertising. After 5 months, the registration rate increased by 66% when compared to the first month, which just started using the CTV ads. The client was happy with the results and increased the 75% of the budget monthly. 

Are you impressed by these results? While other marketers and companies are still in the process of optimizing their work in this area, our years of experience put us in a unique position to work with the CTV concept right now. There is no need to wait, so impact CTV audiences in the right context.