Rebirth of TV Ads in Digital Space.

Television advertising is one of the most popular and effective advertising channels worldwide due to its broad reach, frequency, and influence.

Despite the development of the mobile advertising industry and the proliferation of online video streaming services, marketers are still using the potential of television to promote their brands.

Every day, people watch their favorite programs, films, and news on TV. At this time, they are relaxed and ready to absorb advertising content. Not surprisingly, advertisers want to use this time to sell their products or services. TV advertising comes in many forms, but the goal is always identical: to convince viewers to buy what they are selling.

It’s important to clarify that TV advertising has now moved to the mobile space and streaming services are becoming more and more popular. IPTV offers the possibility of continuous streaming of the original media. Mobupps believes that such type of advertising is a key part of the global marketing strategy for many companies. 

We highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising so that your company can decide for itself whether you need this type of advertising.

Pic.1 – Popular streaming services in North America

The numbers don’t lie

Some statistics will help us to understand in more detail the benefits of TV advertising. 

In the US, the world’s leading advertising market, television is the second most profitable advertising medium after the Internet and accounts for about a fifth of total US media advertising revenue. In 2021, about $65 million was spent on TV ads, and this figure is projected to rise.

Pic.2 – TV advertising spending in North America 2000-2024

What characteristics should a TV commercial have?

  1. Embodiments of creative and eye-catching ideas.

You need to advertise your product or service in a way that stays in the viewer’s memory.

  1. Complete absorption of the viewer’s attention.

The viewer uses multiple senses when viewing an advertisement. With the help of the movement of the picture under the sound accompaniment, advertising mentally affects the viewer. That’s why they often include music, visuals, and special effects.

  1. Have to be backed by a marketing goal.

It could be brand awareness or increased sales. What is the purpose of television advertising – but for advertising to be effective, there must be a purpose.

  1. Maximum semantic load in a short period.

In just 10-15 seconds, you need to convey the key message of your commercial. In other words, quickly and effectively carry your point of view.

Advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising

  • Coverage of a larger audience

Television reaches large audiences quickly and efficiently. For advertisers, this is the ideal form of advertising to cover as many people as possible. It can also be achieved in a minimal amount of time compared to other environments.

  • An instant emotional connection

Most often, television commercials are emotions you convey through the TV screen to convey your message to consciousness. The trust of the target market is won, which contributes to the development of your brand or company. This shows that you are serious about what you offer to your customers. TV ads also provide your target audience with video evidence of the quality of the product you offer.

  • A means of developing a brand’s visual identity

Television is a chief vehicle for developing a brand’s identity because it allows advertisers to show, rather than tell, their audience what the brand is all about. Some brands such as Dove, Pepsi, Lays, and others have built high recall through TV ads.

  • Non-target audience

As Mobupps has already said, TV advertising reaches a large audience, but it is different and may not be very targeted. This means that advertisers will end up paying to extend non-interested people in their product or service. 

  • TV advertising is expensive.

Television advertising is one of the most expensive marketing channels. It costs a lot of money to produce a high-quality commercial and air it on TV if you want your ad to air in prime time. In addition, to create high recall for your brand, you need to reserve multiple spots and run your ad multiple times.

  • Difficulty in accurately tracking results

There is no guarantee that viewers will see your ad. People may go about their business or turn off the sound of the TV until their program resumes. And you will never know the number of viewers reached, that is, no indicators of the effectiveness of advertising.


Many companies are paying focus more on social media and platform advertising, but they seem to underestimate the power of TV advertising as TVs are getting smarter, and so are TV ads. Mobupps predicts more relevant, targeted, and interactive TV commercials. We hope that advertisers will use data to better target their ads and personalize them to each viewer soon.

The advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising largely depend on what the company wants to get out of it. Mobupps encourages your brand to take advantage of being on TV and start using the medium to promote your products and services. At this stage, Mobupps monitors trends and updates in the field of TV advertising. We believe that the impact of TV advertising on the mass market will be as powerful as it is now for a long time to come.

Feel free to contact us if you have the same opinion and are ready to expand your target audience and increase your income!