Moment Marketing: How to Target the Right Audience at the Right Time?

Digital marketing targets the right people with the right content at the right time. There are many outreach methods, all of which are important to the overall strategy. But there is a secret to why some campaigns are more popular than others: reach out to consumers when they are most ready to listen and interact.

Consumers respond better if the advertisements for goods and services are most relevant to their current life experience. By keeping the buyer journey in mind, marketers can create ads that meet the needs of the target audience with the right message at the right time.

How to understand consumer behaviour and choose the right moment for a profitable offer? Mobupps understands the importance of timeliness to say the right things at the right time. Namely, this is a component of the concept of moment marketing, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

What Is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is an approach to marketing that focuses on targeting your business to consumers at the moment it matters.

Even if you create the most eye-catching, aesthetically appealing campaign possible, it will only be effective if delivered at the right moment. To make an impression on your target audience, you must sell at precisely the correct time. It is when moment marketing comes into play.

The primary benefit of moment marketing is that it allows your advertisements to appear at precisely the appropriate time. Because your advertising is being shown to engaged customers and actively seeking products/services similar to yours, they are more likely to result in conversions. It includes orders, purchases, phone calls, store visits, and other activities.

For example, you have an insurance company. Offering your services to people who bought houses and cars many years ago is most likely of no use. But at the same time, someone who has just got a home or car may be considering insurance.

Advertise at the Right Time

When it comes to marketing, timing is essential, and communicating to the right audience is just as crucial as promoting at the right moment. Even precisely crafted advertising with your target demographic in mind is unlikely to achieve its job if they don’t meet the demands shown in that audience’s buyer’s journey at the appropriate time. Knowing your target audience and where they are choosing their impending purchase – is essential to advertising at the right moment.

Because of the easy accessibility of research online – from Google and blogs to asking friends on social media – customers are intensively researching before making all types of purchases. Online consumers, for example, may store products in their “shopping carts” even if they have no intention of purchasing them that day to compare pricing and features across a range of companies before making a purchase.

Online activities might help you determine whether a buyer is close to making a purchase. A buyer, for example, may return to a single page or product on your website several times. Or they may place certain things in their “shopping cart”. Retargeting them with advertising that reminds them of their items helps to get them closer to making a purchase.

Life milestones and trigger moments, such as getting married, having a baby, or purchasing a home or car, allow companies to track particular behaviour and meet customers where they are in their lives. Targeting audiences likely to be in the market for the particular items linked with their lifestyles and using data to filter out people who have recently purchased assists businesses in targeting the higher intent audience, resulting in a better return on investment.

Advertise to the Right Person

Before designing a campaign, research your target demographic to create ads that match their needs, interests, and problem areas. Instead of running ads that you think will be exciting or engaging, think about the age group of your target audience, their wishes and concerns that will generate interest in your products or services, and how you can create messages that will resonate with them. 

Finally, consider whether you are selling to people who are already familiar with your brand or to attract new customers. It is momentous to advertise to the right person. There are several ways to find out who is your target audience. 

Use consumer data to find trends in their demographics and psychographics. You can also use surveys and interviews to learn more and avoid making assumptions about your target audience.

Once you’ve determined who you want to contact, find out where they are. What websites and social networks do they use? Then designate which medium will best reach your target audience.


Advertising to the right people at the right time is critical to any marketing campaign’s success because it assures a targeted message that resonates with a specific consumer’s current life circumstance. Reach the right people at the right time with Mobupps. We provide particular campaigns to grow your business potential and increase revenue-by-moment marketing tools. Contact us with one click.