MAFO Marketing Automation with COO Bella Katsir

We at Mobupps really love our job, but sometimes it is very convenient when something just works instead of you, helping you and supporting your success. This is why we got MAFO to bring the sunshine of automation to our daily work instead of controlling everything everywhere be here with you to support our beloved partners on any occasion. Our COO Bela Katsir guides the way to automate everything with our proprietary tools. Let’s glimpse a shine of automation on our readers too.

Marketing automation is a technology that automatically manages marketing processes and rich campaigns across multiple channels. Workflows can be defined using templates, created from scratch, or modified in the middle of a campaign to achieve better results. This approach helps to generate leads, grow leads and audiences, and measure the overall ROI of campaigns. Mobupps has its own automated technology, which we will look at in more detail in this article.

About MAFO technology

MAFO is Mobupps‘ in-house developed technology to combat fraud and maximize our client’s ROI through the use of performance and automation data. In Mobupps, all traffic must go through full transparency. In 2021, Mobupps reached a 95% blocking rate.

Core features:

  • MAFO’s Audience profiling Technology: this allows you to predict user intent using historical data. Budget planning.
  • MAFO can predict results with extreme accuracy. Stop inefficient sources and scale potential channels in real-time.
  • Proactive Fraud Prevention Technology: Blocks advanced forms of fraud such as Click Flooding, Bots, and Emulators.

The system consists of 3 layers:

  1. Fraudlogix – Prevent clicks from turning into fraudulent installs
  2. Fraudshield – blocking any installs/actions related to fraud after attribution.
  3. Enriching MAFO data with third-party systems – to block any “advanced” forms of fraud, such as bots and emulators.

So, let me tell you a secret: How is it actually done?

Mobupps has two categories of tools. The first one is for fraud prevention and the second – is for quality optimization. 

Most common Fraud prevention tools:  

  • Fraud Disable Link – system will optimize and block any suspected fraudulent activity such as Duplicate ips, VPN traffic, Bots traffic, clicks spamming activity, and so on. 
  • Cr Optimization – The campaign account manager sets the minimum and maximum CR to control any abnormal CR in the offer.
  • Click Cap – the campaign account manager adds click cap by offer/advertiser/publisher on a daily or hourly bases.

Most common tools to optimize quality: 

  • Goal Id Optimization allows to set the client’s goal and optimize according to it, if the publisher’s traffic does not reach the goal relation, the publisher will be automatically blocked from the offer. 
  • Retention Opt – Optimize by day 1 retention rate. 
  • Create Disable Links – blocking publishers in real-time if they do not meet with the campaign measurements/show fraudulent activity. 
  • Source Whitelist and Apps  – our system has a huge database of publishers that meet the client’s KPI per Geo, Vertical, and so on, when going live on camping we will go live with the most fitting White list. 
  • Blacklisting – Set app black per offer – to avoid going live with poor performing apps. 
  • Device ID Control – the system will block any installation coming without device id-data.

Summing up the results of the first part of our article, we can say that marketing automation can provide some benefits such as personalized workflows, streamlined processes, and integrated data and analytics.

Mobupps uses MAFO to automate online marketing campaigns and sales operations to increase revenue and maximize the impact of your product.

Warning! Spoiler: the next part will contain the most popular Fraud trends and recommendations on how Mobupps can fight them. Be the first to know about it!

Now when you are ready to automate everything, you have to do one last manual push – on the button below to contact the Mobupps team.