Holidays Tips & Secret Gift From Mobupps

The 2022 holiday shopping season is here, and this year could be very special for your brand. During this period, customers with bounded wallets and high emotions are looking for brands that can offer personalized and convenient solutions.

In general, consumption patterns during the holidays are expected. People are accustomed to spending generously on gifts for each other. Therefore, it is time for companies to drastically beef up their holiday marketing strategies to boost business profits. A well-planned holiday marketing plan will help increase sales and keep customers by building connections with them.

With the start of the holiday season in Q4 at Mobupps, we boost our advertisers to the best in the game!! The only way to make the holiday season a success is to rely on data to make informed decisions. With this in mind, we decided:

  • Focus on all the top promotion tips
  • Help you in the promotion process by giving you special discounts

Dear Mobupps customers, are you ready for the holiday season?

It’s time for FREE GIFTS!!!

The most important: During November & December, Mobupps is happily providing unique benefits to our beloved clients!

  1. Free ads design 
  2. Boosting your holiday season creative design
  3. 5% final approved number discount

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Working with Mobupps –  you will be able to develop highly successful holiday mobile marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences and increase revenue during these festive times. So, here are the top holiday season promotion tips: 

1. Early promotion is everything – 6 to 8 weeks before the holidays is the best time frame to start.

2. Promote Holiday-Themed Offers & Campaigns.

3. Test Your Campaigns Before Launching Them.

In Mobupps, we find this is one of the most significant holiday marketing tips to follow, along with mobile marketing. More than comprehensive campaigns with consistent messaging and branding across a myriad of ads and other content is required, you must test these materials to make sure they work. Mobupps‘ dedicated team will help you with your ads being newly designed, for example, you might have two ads for your app or two different email pieces to send to audiences, each with a single element changed, such as text or an image. By launching both at the same time, you can gauge which performs the best. From there, you can determine which version to drop and which to use in your campaigns.

4. Announce Your Limited Christmas Products/discounts/promotions.

5. Segment your audiences and promote specific products within your collections to each segment in-app and through push notifications.

6. New Year’s Resolutions.

Beyond Christmas and leading up to the new year, you can use Mobupps services to engage users around New Year’s resolutions. There’s a big audience for New Year’s resolutions as well, seeing as 31% of people plan on setting them this year.

7. Gift Ideas.

While an eCommerce app can promote certain items, customers would like to gift based on their preferences. Other apps can encourage people to grant the app or certain in-app subscriptions to friends and family.

Why should we start holiday marketing as soon as possible? 

2022 Benchmarks and forecasts:

  1. Global holiday spending is expected to reach $910 billion this year.
  2. 46% of shoppers started holiday shopping in early 2021, expected to rise to 54% in Q4 2022.
  3. 29% of shoppers plan to spend more than in Q4 last year.
  4. Travel apps will be the best-growing category – we expect to see 63% growth year-over-year! As COVID is almost over, therefore people are planning to travel and see everything they missed in the last 3 years!
  5. 43% of customers are willing to accept loyalty programs for special offers and previews.
  6. The top verticals in Q4 will be travel, comments, games, dating apps, and slot machines.

Happy holiday season from Mobupps with love!