Cryptocurrency Ad Campaigns: Trends, Tactics, and Promising Prospects

The cryptocurrency market has seen substantial volatility and growth over the past few years, leading to increased public interest and social media coverage. As digital currencies gain traction, the need for robust advertising campaigns to educate and engage potential users becomes evident. Despite fluctuations, the global cryptocurrency market size has expanded significantly, with millions of dollars invested in advertising and promotions by various crypto brands.

Needless to say, this is the best moment to get started with cryptocurrency marketing. Attempting to get to the bottom of digital currency pays off rapidly. Companies engaging with crypto offers get huge returns. Compared to other niches in the business, the crypto vertical represents a new wave of marketing. That is why only some established approaches take place here. 

So, Mobupps will walk you through all the crucial features of cryptocurrency advertising using real-world examples. You will discover how we execute cryptocurrency offers to help clients achieve their financial goals. 

Trends in Cryptocurrency Advertising

Recent years have witnessed a shift in cryptocurrency advertising, with companies increasingly focusing on transparency and education in their campaigns. This shift is partly due to the historical skepticism surrounding the sector's legitimacy and stability. Advertisers now emphasize the technology's potential and its foundational blockchain technology to build trust and understanding among new users. Statistics from recent years indicate a dynamic expansion of the cryptocurrency market size.

For instance, the crypto advertising sector saw a surge in expenditure by over 300% in some regions, as companies aimed to capitalize on the increasing interest in digital assets. Once hesitant, major platforms and social media networks have begun revising their policies to allow cryptocurrency advertising, albeit with strict compliance checks.

Promoting Cryptocurrency Campaigns Channels 

Naturally, you must exercise caution while working with advertising channels and affiliate networks. Check whether the chosen affiliate program violates any national regulations, read reviews, and look at conversion rates and payout possibilities. Equally crucial is the advertising channel you select. The restrictions associated with blockchain ads influence the content requirements of ad networks. Promoting cryptocurrency requires a multifaceted approach, leveraging both traditional and digital media channels.

  1. Social Media Platforms: Instagram and Facebook have severe policies against crypto advertising. Less strict requirements apply to blockchain training, tax services, cold crypto wallets, and other risk-free solutions. Twitter and TikTok allow to promote the cryptocurrency offers, although there are several exclusions due to the social networks' philosophical approach towards the business.  
  1. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborations with influencers in the tech and finance sectors can help reach a broader audience. Influencers can demystify the technology and highlight user benefits, enhancing campaign credibility.
  1. Email marketing may be a viable option for affiliates who have reached their maximum capacity. However, initially, advertisers must build a subscription base, which might take time. This is considerably easier to achieve with push alerts, which result in more conversions. 
  1. Content Marketing: Educational content such as blogs, e-books, webinars, and videos can help clarify misconceptions about cryptocurrencies and offer a deeper understanding of the benefits and risks involved.
  1. Push traffic may be an effective marketing tactic since people who subscribe to push alerts are already interested in the offer. This implies that the engaged audience is more likely to respond positively to the delivered push message. In addition, push notifications have a high exposure rate and a cheap cost per click. 

Unique Features in Crypto Advertising

Cryptocurrency advertising campaigns exhibit several distinct features:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ads must adhere to the specific regulations of the countries where they are broadcast, which can vary significantly.
  • Educational Focus: There is a strong emphasis on educating the market due to the complex nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Community Engagement: The crypto sector thrives on community involvement and support, making community-focused platforms and forums ideal for promotions.

Case Study: Cryptocurrency Exchange User Acquisition Campaign

Client Background: The client, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, sought to expand its user base while ensuring active engagement with its app. With a commitment to providing a seamless trading experience, the client prioritized acquiring users who would register, engage with essential features, and initiate cryptocurrency transactions.

Objectives: The client aimed to achieve the following objectives within a three-month timeframe:

  1. Acquire new users for the app at minimal cost.
  2. Attain a minimum Conversion Rate (CR) of 35% for the "Install -> Complete Registration" funnel.

Tasks: The client tasked Mobupps with the following responsibilities:

  1. Acquire new users for the app with minimal cost over three months.
  2. Achieve a minimum CR of 35% for the "Install -> Complete Registration" funnel.

Strategy: To accomplish these objectives, the client partnered with Mobupps, leveraging our flagship technology, Mobile App Focused Optimization (MAFO). The strategy focused on targeted user acquisition campaigns, employing various ad placements to attract users likely to register and actively engage with the app. The pricing model adopted was Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), with traffic types including Direct In-app, SDK, and Media Buy. The user flow emphasized the journey from app installation to completing registration and initiating cryptocurrency purchases.

Results: After three months of implementing the user acquisition campaign, the following results were achieved:

  • Installs: 50,000
  • Complete Registration Events: 140,000
  • Initiate Purchase Events: 650,000

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Conversion Rate of "Install > Complete Registration": 37%
  • Conversion Rate of "Install > Initiate Purchase": 204%


  1. Cost-Efficient User Acquisition: The campaign successfully acquired 50,000 new users within the designated timeframe, meeting the client's objective of expanding their user base at minimal cost.
  2. High Conversion Rates: The CR of "Install -> Complete Registration" exceeded the client's target, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in encouraging user registration. Also the exceptionally high CR of "Install -> Initiate Purchase" indicates strong user engagement and interest in cryptocurrency transactions.
  3. Active User Engagement: With 650,000 initiated purchase events recorded, averaging two purchases per user, the campaign effectively encouraged users to engage with the app's essential features and initiate cryptocurrency transactions.

Through this strategic collaboration with Mobupps and the implementation of targeted user acquisition campaigns, the client successfully achieved its objectives of expanding its user base and encouraging active engagement with the app.

The Promise of Cryptocurrency Advertising

Although the cryptocurrency sector is relatively new and faces trust issues from companies and customers, it represents a promising direction for future growth. Deepening understanding and developing sophisticated advertising strategies are essential for tapping into the potential of this market. As the sector matures, increased transparency and enhanced regulatory frameworks will likely bolster public and corporate trust, paving the way for more substantial investments in crypto advertising.

As companies continue to innovate and tailor their advertising strategies to the nuances of the cryptocurrency world, the effectiveness of these campaigns is expected to rise, mirroring the sector's growth and technological advancements. This promising direction benefits advertisers, platforms, and end-users who gain from a more transparent, educated, and secure marketplace. We observe the unique growth and potential that might change the advertising industry. If you want to be part of it, connect with Mobupps