Clean the planet project with Mobupps teams around the world

The Mobupps team recently participated in the "Let's Make the City Clean" challenge as part of the Save the Planet project. Everywhere in the world, there are members of the Mobupps team who care about nature. We organize these events regularly to help protect the environment and keep the planet habitable for future generations.

The population every day uses the resources of the Earth for survival. However, our activities also cause significant harm to the planet, including deforestation, ocean pollution, and climate change.

Continuing to exploit the planet's resources and causing irreparable harm to the environment, humanity will face grave consequences for human life.

Fortunately, our employees are conscious and environmentally friendly people acting to save the planet and the environment.

The terms of the virtual garbage challenge were as follows:

- Team members had to choose a contaminated piece of land near the house and take a picture or make a video

- Clean up this area (bottles, bags, leftover food, non-recyclable waste, etc.)

- Take a photo or video of the cleaned area

- Share with colleagues in any format (presentation, video, document file, collage, infographic)

For each person who cleaned the territory, there was $50 for charity. And now we want to share the results of our work.

Mobupps decided to donate the collected money to the Environmental Protection Fund. Nowadays, they are a national nonprofit using science, economics, and the law to find practical solutions to critical environmental problems. 

The Environmental Defense Fund develops clean energy technology, including advancing methane safeguards to cut harmful pollution and working with vehicle manufacturers to reduce truck and bus emissions to zero. They research the economics of pollution, industry, rainforests, and conservation to find the best solutions.

In total, Mobupps raised and donated $700 to the charity The Environmental Protection Fund. Remember, making the world cleaner is the best thing a person can do.