Programmatic Ads You Can't Afford To Miss

If your company uses online advertising, you may have heard people rave about programmatic advertising in marketing. It has become one of the most preferred ways of running ad campaigns. The ads could be brilliant, but without programmatic ads, your campaign will never reach its true potential.  But do you understand why?

The programmatic market can be complex and challenging. Marketers are still unsure about the programmatic advertising concept and its ecosystem. That’s why in this article, Mobupps is going to explain, what is programmatic advertising, its types, and how it works.

What is programmatic advertising?

The term "programmatic advertising" describes the use of software to automatically purchase, position, and optimize digital advertising. The best ad placement and audience targeting are determined using advanced algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning in this method. 

By using data to drive real-time advertising decisions, programmatic advertising allows marketers to more effectively and efficiently reach their target audiences. This strategy can also aid in decreasing wasteful ad spending and enhancing the total return on investment (ROI) of marketing initiatives.

The most common programmatic advertising channels:

  1. Display (Banner) Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Search Ads
  4. Native Ads
  5. Additional: CTV, Audio, Desktop, Pop.

As you can notice, programmatic advertising is everywhere, and you probably see it often.

Main Programmatic Advertising Types

  1. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a type of programmatic advertising that allows advertisers to bid on individual ad impressions in real-time, based on factors such as the user's location, browsing history, and device type.
  2. Programmatic Direct: This involves buying ad inventory directly from publishers through programmatic channels, rather than going through a middleman such as an ad network.
  3. Private Marketplace (PMP): A PMP is a programmatic marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of ad inventory in a more controlled and secure environment. It allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to select buyers at fixed prices.
  4. Preferred deals: It happens when publishers sell their prime inventory to a limited group of marketers in a one-on-one programmatic auction at a fixed CPM (cost-per-mille) price. This type of agreement provides for openness between buyers and sellers: publishers can inspect the inventory before the ad appears, allowing them to control the quality of the content, while marketers can control inventory pricing.

How does Mobupps work with Programmatic Advertising?

Mobupps has its own programmatic advertising solution. Our real-time bidding platform improves the efficiency of media trading and optimizes media fees with direct access to 100+ major SSPs and DSPs worldwide. This all-in-one algorithmic advertising solution maximizes the value of impressions and revenue while providing a limitless media monetization solution, global reach, and high fill rates of up to 100%. 

This process affects the success of most of our customers' campaigns for different reasons, mostly:

  • Optimization of rates increases economic efficiency and optimizes supply chains
  • Targeting the most relevant ads for any media category increases user engagement
  • Campaigns start to manage targeting, limits, budgets, and KPI achievement settings
  • Machine learning analysis distributes media across demand levels for maximum fill rate

What do we do?

  • CPM & CPC Pricing
  • Integration Type: RTB End-Points, XML Feeds, VAST Tags
  • Offer: Worldwide budgets from direct advertisers in 11 locations with access to APAC and East European campaigns
  • Bid optimization to maximize profit
  • Optimization of ads relevance for the media category
  • Floor pricing and win rate optimization

Of course, the future is bright for programmatic advertising. This is the best time to get in on a rising trend, and Mobupps is sure this article has given you a better view of what it’s all about. If you’re excited to try programmatic advertising for your campaigns, contact us with one click and start right now.