Playable Ads Are 3 Times More Effective Than Any Other

Due to digital advertising technologies development of d, publishers and advertisers constantly need to change their advertising campaign strategies.

Choosing the proper ad format requires marketers to research all available options and use the one that will interest the app’s audience. The best ads can drive conversions, increase brand awareness, and attract new users.

Most of the Mobupps audience is game developers. Let’s think together. Which ad format will help you get more users for your mobile game?

Mobupps has found playable ads are an effective format for engaging ads for users and profitable for the advertiser. They combine interactivity with gamification in a subscription format and are essential for promoting games. 

In this article, Mobupps has compiled everything you need to know about in-game ads, from the definition of a term to a user acquisition strategy with in-game ads.

What are playable ads?

Playable ads are an interactive ad format that allows potential customers to play a piece of a mobile game before downloading it. These try-before-you-buy mini-games permit users to directly interact with significant features of your product before installation. Playables usually last from 15 seconds to a minute.

Game ads are usually associated with mobile game marketing, where users can try out the gameplay, get hooked, and make an install decision.

Showing a snippet of an app might be enough to entice users to install the app. It will be a plus, providing bonuses and rewards for participating in a mini-game already in an existing application.

Playables usually consist of 3 things:

  1. An instructional tooltip that consists of a demo showing interactivity.
  2. Game or interactive experience
  3. The end card or end screen contains a call to action, by clicking on which you can install the application.

All this provides an interactive experience for users and increases click-through rates for marketers.

Playable Ads Recommendations

  1. The video and demo version of the application is designed in the same style and color scheme. 
  2. The essence of the application, characters, and functions are the same in playable and in the application itself.
  3. Introductory video explains the essence of your application.
  4. Have an example or tips on how to play the game.
  5. There is a call to action (download button).
  6. At any time, the user can download the application without waiting for the ads to end. 
  7. Change creatives and playable ad variations to test ad performance.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of playable ads

Playable ads can:

1. Increase engagement naturally

Using the application pushes users to make decisions faster and shortens the customer’s journey through the sales funnel. In mobile games, it is helpful to use an interactive and amusing design because people’s mood is lifted by playing games. And it is easier for you to influence them in a good and relaxed emotional state.

2. Provide access to valuable analytical information

Interactive ads offer publishers and advertisers comprehensive, real-time insights from why user like an ad to why they installed it. It happens because moving elements can influence the desire to install or not install the application. You can test, tweak, and optimize the ads you play for maximum user retention. 

3. Increase retention and reduce app uninstalls

After watching the commercial, users install the game and are already familiar with the game’s functionality. Therefore they are less likely to delete the application or be disappointed in it. This helps advertisers improve their ROI and filter out users who don’t like the app. Thus, reducing the cost of attracting uninterested users. This typically results in higher user retention and audience LTV, which pays off better in the long run.

Well, Mobupps, in this article, would like to draw attention to one of the most effective mobile game advertising formats. Playable ads are full of interactive elements that keep the user interested in the game. This gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your app and find an audience of interested people. You don’t need a lot of experience and knowledge to use playable ads in your marketing approach because that’s what we’re here for.

Mobupps actively use playable ads in their marketing strategies, as well as videos, advertisements, and banners. Our main goal is to follow the KPIs and wishes of our clients. Do you want to become one of them? Contact us.