Booming Mobile App Marketing Trends

Mobile applications appear every day. And it takes more than just a great app to retain a user. This requires a sophisticated marketing strategy that attracts attention, generates interest, builds long-term relationships with users, retains customers, and monetizes them.

Every year, many companies forecast what will be super popular, or as most people call it, a TREND. Half of 2024 has already passed. Mobupps believes that it is possible to analyze what already exists. 

Mobupps collected all the key trends in mobile app marketing that improve strategic planning, deep audience understanding, constant innovation, and some adaptability. So, we'd like to push you to the fact that there is still plenty of time to try these trends. Let's go!

User Acquisition Trends

AI's role in user acquisition is expanding in 2024, with new tools to create and deliver campaign content. AI also enhances campaign optimization by automating segmentation and budget adjustments and offers predictive analysis based on data insights.

AI can help with creative development, creating video and audio for advertising campaigns, automation for optimizing campaigns, and analyzing user behavior to adapt content accordingly.

AR and VR are increasingly being integrated into apps and advertising, offering immersive experiences such as virtual try-ons or visualizations of products in customer environments. This way, you can create engaging and interactive user experiences.

Influencer marketing continues to be a powerful tool. The distinction between influencers and content creators can be strategic; influencers often have a wider reach and higher costs, while content creators may have a smaller but highly engaged audience. A combination of both can optimize app promotion efforts.

Short videos are becoming essential in-app marketing, especially on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These videos quickly gain more attention because they are short-timed and can go viral, which increases user engagement and participation.

Implementation in Marketing Strategy

  • Integrate AI tools to automate and optimize your ad campaigns, ensuring real-time adjustments and personalized user experiences.
  • Utilize AR technology to create immersive ads and in-app experiences that differentiate your product and increase user engagement.
  • Leverage influencers and content creators strategically to maximize reach and engagement, ensuring you effectively tap into broad and niche audiences.
  • Focus on short video content for quick, engaging, and shareable promotions that can quickly increase user acquisition and retention.

Common Design Trends

  1. Glass Morphism on Rise

This trend focuses on the aesthetics of frosted glass, using transparency to create depth in mobile interfaces. Successful implementation requires subtlety and careful color selection.

  1. Neo Brutalism in design uses modularity and block separation to create visual contrast. Effective use involves balancing size contrasts and maintaining visual coherence.
  1. Abstract Gradients have always been a popular trend in graphic design, but in 2024, they began to seem more abstract, fascinating, and creative. Using vibrant colors or experimenting with unusual tones may make a design stand out and convey messages effectively. 

Try integrating these design trends into your next marketing campaign and experience the difference they can make in engaging your audience and elevating your brand’s visual identity. These trends offer new ways to create compelling and memorable marketing materials. 


We're only halfway through 2024, but we're already seeing significant trends and changes in mobile marketing. By understanding and leveraging these trends, you can improve your mobile app marketing strategy and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Create a more dynamic, effective, and eye-catching advertising campaign with these trends. And you won’t only attract new users, but also retain and engage them for a long time. And don’t forget to contact Mobupps and get the maximum benefit from cooperation!