A Deep Dive Into QR Codes Marketing

The competition between companies is very high, and marketing departments are scrambling to find new ways to improve interaction with potential customers. You can think of a QR code as a paper hyperlink that will give you more information. And you are right, aren't you?

QR codes allow advertisements, brochures, posters - even clothing or billboards - to direct users to mobile landing pages that contain much more information and interactivity than a printed page can allow. It is a bridge between the physical and online worlds through mobile devices. They add a new dimension of communication to any marketing or information activity.

The largest worldwide companies like McDonald's, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, L'Oreal, and Porsche use QR codes in advertisements and promotions. Do you still doubt the need for a QR code for promotional offers of your brand or company? Read the Mobupps article to find hard evidence that QR codes are valuable for your marketing strategy.

How and for what are QR codes used?

Now all popular smartphone platforms support reading QR codes. Thus, you can reach many people who will become your potential customers.

A QR code works by simply scanning the code with the mobile camera. After scanning, the encoded information of the QR code is automatically converted into useful information or a series of actions. For example:

  • Mobile website or landing page
  • Promotional offer or unique discount
  • Contact information (phone number, location, email)
  • Sending a text message or email
  • Viewing social media profile

What are the main benefits of using QR codes?

  1. QR codes save the user time. The directing user process to a website, promotions, or other information takes less than one minute.
  2. QR codes are environmentally friendly. There is no need to use printed materials, which reduces waste.
  3. QR codes can be integrated for any marketing purpose, including printed materials, outdoor advertising, and direct mail.
  4. You don't need anything but a smartphone. Information from QR codes can be viewed on all smartphone models and does not require exclusive development for different platforms.
  5. QR codes are only limited by your marketing strategy. There are no ads, distractions, or unnecessary information.
  6. Actions triggered by QR codes can be tracked using web analytics or other tools to measure marketing campaigns.

Who can be taken as an example?

Mobupps would like to share successful QR code marketing solutions with you.

Scanning QR codes on specially labeled Pepsi cans gives their customers the opportunity to win between $5,000 and $25,000 to give to a friend, family member, charity, or anyone else.

Easy to get more information about a product or service using a QR code. Trying on the desired shade, choosing some suitable item, or at least viewing the entire available product range in one click will be of interest to many potential customers. The QR code can also contain additional information such as allergen warnings, recipes and tips for effective product use, and much more.

The most common sectors using QR codes are restaurants and bars since their activities are based on personal communication. Scan, order, collect - a simple algorithm for customers. It is eco-friendly, convenient, and fast for all parties. Companies often give promotional codes or special offers to encourage customers to order using QR codes.

Unfortunately, it is barely impossible to demonstrate all your services and products on one billboard, poster, or leaflet because you are limited in space. Use the free space for your QR code. Then you will have as many opportunities to provide information as you want. Tutorials, guides, videos, workouts, and product catalogs will be available to users after one scanning.

Clients want more creative and innovative advertising campaigns. QR codes are a simple yet effective way to advertise your company. Although they did not immediately become in demand among marketers, now, in fact, is still the best time to interact with them.

Use QR codes to improve your customer experience and capture their attention. Creating a custom QR code is not difficult at all, and the benefits of implementing it are very high, so hurry up and be the first in the race for customers.

But remember, in addition to the QR code, as well you need a reliable marketing service provider - Mobupps. Become a partner in one scan.