Media monetization

Mobupps presents a full-service, multichannel monetization solution. We bring you access to top tier direct advertisers, optimization techniques, and a dedicated team of account managers focused on getting you the highest revenue per visitor. Let us manage your inventory so you can focus on your visitors and creating great content. Maximize your revenues without harming the user experience!

Top tier advertisers
Best optimization techniques.
Highest revenue per user

Our main advantages

  • We work directly with top app developers/advertisers around the globe, who create strong demand and monetize your global traffic. So we have the best rates, budgets and stability
  • Our ad server technology measures performances in real time to select and serve only the best combination of campaign and ad format to optimize revenue for your traffic
  • We provide advanced real-time reporting and analytics Dashboard
  • We monetize 100% of your traffic with the global filler campaigns running on the network and with our innovative ad formats. Your traffic will always generate revenue
  • We provide simple integration options (API, JS, light SDK) to any site owner, app developer or SSP

How it works

We provide exclusive banner formats that won’t annoy your users, while bringing you great revenue!

At the same time supports all ad sizes, video formats and rich media.