our formats

Mediation advantages

Competitive advantages

  • We work directly with top app developers/advertisers around the globe, who can cover and monetize your global traffic
  • You will be introduces to a Dedicated account manager who works 24/7
  • We monetize your traffic with the highest fill-rate and eCPM through our innovative ad formats and wide demand.
  • Mobile ad network mediation:

    – 3rd party SDK already in MobUpps ad served. You don`t need to ping other contacts.
    – Maximized revenue
    – Top networks with highest eCPMs
    – Creative auto resize

Tech advantages

  • Our ad server technology measures performances in real time to select and serve just the best combination between campaign and ad format that optimize the revenues for your traffic
  • We provide advanced real-time reporting and analytics Dashboard – single interface to manage everything
  • We provide simple integration options: API, JS-tags, light SDK, VAST 3.0, VPAID 2.1 to any site owner, app developer or SSP