Burst campaigns

The MobUpps agency product for burst campaigns solves the problem of discover-ability of the app in its early stages or used for gaining a massive injection of quality users for the app in a short time period. The idea is that burst campaigns provide the app with top chart placement in both Google play and the App store. When the app is placed in the top of the overall site or in the category to which it belongs, it gains a minimum of 1:1 organic users on each install that was facilitated by Mobupps. These are the most variable users since they download the app naturally, without any ads, and they start a viral wave for the app among their friends and family.

Discover-ability solution
High volume of organic users
Top charts placement
Ads free users
Initiating of viral wave

Our main advantages

  • Integration with more than 140 leading media sources
  • Cross network optimization to gain a minimum cost per download at maximum volume
  • Guaranteed top ranking, with a money refund if this is not reached
  • Additional services to make full use of organic traffic including ASO, reviews and PR

How it works

Where we can do it

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